FST Housewarming - Family Day

FST | August 17th 2019 |

In every success, there will always be somebody that supports us throughout  our journey. Just like every company that has their hardworking employees, our employees also have their families by their side. Family is very important and valuable to everyone  and is something that should never be taken for granted.


Last August, our Company  held an in-house event to give time to our employees a break from work and invite their families to our new office. Since we moved from our old office, a tradition called housewarming has been held on our new location. It’s our way to welcome & say thank you to the people who have been a great support to the company. 


The event started with a short programme, opened and  welcomed by our Managing Director, Mr. Yuta Fukunishi. In his remarks, he narrated how the Fullspeed Technologies Inc. started and eventually grew and developed. After his speech, we gave tokens for the Service Awardees. This award is given to the people who have been with the company from the start. 


The second part of the event was lunch. Our lunch was prepared and served by Cafe Laguna. It was really a sumptuous lunch. While most of the employees and their families were enjoying the food, their children were also enjoying the film showing, food carts and the mini- basketball.


We ended the party with BINGO Social where everyone enjoyed playing. The whole event was really a great break for everyone. Their smiles remind us that the greatest privilege in life is to know, help & enjoy the company of others.