Summer Outing 2019

FST | July 5th 2019 | outing

For the third time in a row, the company had its Summer Outing last July 6-7, 2019 at Bantayan Island, Cebu. Everyone was ecstatic and excited when they knew we will go THAT far this year.

Day1 composed of a three (3) hour travel from Cebu to Hagnaya and another hour boat trip from Hagnaya to Bantayan Island. Even though everyone was hungry, tired and exhausted from the very long trip, the sumptuous Seafood lunch prepared for the group when we got into our resort, took all the exhaustion away. I mean, its seafood, right? You don’t get to eat unlimited crabs and scallops in the City for a very cheap price!


After lunch, the group prepared for the scheduled Island Tour. Places visited where Oboob Mangrove and Eco-Park, where we got to feed fish and got mesmerized by the beauty of the Mangroves. The Ruins, a cliff diving spot, where our guys’ inner child came out and started diving back and forth into the water and at Kota Beach where our Japanese engineers enjoyed playing frisbee.

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The day was capped with a fellowship activity after dinner. The group was divided by 3 teams and competitive and fun games were played. The night activity sealed the bond for everyone. You can see Engineers and Ad Operators laughing, playing, joking and poking fun at each other, which was not there before. It was so great.

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On the last day at the Island, everyone was given the time to do their own. Some went island hopping, some spent the morning swimming and basking under the sun with a fellow colleague, some enjoyed taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful white sand of Bantayan while some preferred to stay in their room, sleeping. Then it was time to head off back to the City.

The Summer Outing was prepared in order for FST employees to get to know and be comfortable with each other as being comfortable would mean being able to work together harmoniously. And truly, this year’s Summer Outing served its purpose.

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