Software Engineer

Responsibilities: All Development Operations of our own advertising service including;

  • New feature development

    • Using

      • Go Lang

      • Vue.js

  • Monitoring, Recovering, Maintaining apps, servers and services

    • Using

      • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Development process (re)engineering

    • Using

      • Agile methodology


  • 4-5 years experience of at least one of development languages as below including unit test automation
    • Go, PHP, Java, Python, Ruby

  • 2 - 3 years experience of developing Web API with web framework
  • Willing to learn Go and Vue.js
  • Understands Agile development and Test Automation
  • Not required but good to have
    • Understanding with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deploy
    • Experience on major IaaS (e.g.  GCP, AWS, Azure)
    • Experience on the following technology:
      • CI tool (CircleCI, Jenkins etc)

      • Docker

      • Modern JS framework(e.g. React, Vue.js)

      • ReactiveX


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